Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of Canada Proud to be in Yellowknife since 1948

Volunteer Rewards

The Yellowknife Elks Lodge recognizes that it is dependent upon its members and their volunteer efforts to not only raise funds for the Lodge, but to carry out its various community functions and activities. As such, a point system was developed to recognize such efforts and is called the "Volunteer Point System & Award Policy".

The purpose of the Volunteer Point System and Award Policy is to keep a record of the events that the Lodge members volunteer for and as such members are then able to trade their points to attend Lodge sanctioned events and activities.

How to Earn Points

Two (2) points are earned for participating at the following...

  • Lodge Meetings
  • Lodge Committee Meetings
  • Club Meetings & Annual General Meeting
  • Meat Raffles
  • Pick A Prize Raffles
  • Steak Dinners
  • Fun Casinos
  • Raffle Ticket Sales
  • TV Bingo

Four (4) points....

  • Lodge bingos
  • Spook-A-Rama
  • Large bingos or other major fund raising events
  • Large BBQ's and Dinners

Note: New events will be included in the respective point reward category at the discretion of the General Manager.

Point Redemption

Travel & Accommodation - Elk's Sponsored Events


  • 2 points per night/ per person (Double Occupancy)
  • A member may request single accommodation but will have to pay the difference between double and single occupancy. The member will still be charged 2 points per night.


  • 2 points for travel cost under $200
  • Increment of 1 point thereafter for each additional $100 in costs absorbed by the Lodge.
  • If travel is by vehicle then the mileage permitted is $.25 per kilometer up to a maximum amount of the equivalent return airfare approved for the event.

Member Cost:

  • NWT Events - $50 per member
  • Events outside of NWT $150 per member

Meals & Events

Three Points may be redeemed for:

  • Fish Fry Dinners
  • Steak Dinners
  • Wing Night

Five Points may be redeemed for:

  • Steak and Lobster Dinners

Six Points may be redeemed for:

  • New Years Dinner

Note: There is a limit of 2 tickets per member permitted for each event listed above.

Elks Regalia & Promotional Items

A member will be deducted 3 points for every $50 of items ordered.