Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of Canada Proud to be in Yellowknife since 1948

Financial Assistance

The Elks of Canada is a national, fraternal and charitable organization whose mission is to promote and support community needs through volunteer efforts of local Lodges. Its principles and objectives of our Lodge are as follows:

  • To promote by word and example, the virtues of Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity;
  • To promote the happiness and welfare of all its members through the medium of true friendship and fellowship;
  • To develop in all men a noble citizenship; and,
  • To foster in the members an abiding loyalty to our country.

Under the guidance of the mission, principles and objectives, the Lodge wishes to promote and support worthy community needs and the good of the Order by providing financial assistance when needed.


Persons, groups and Lodge members in the Yellowknife & North Slave area seeking financial assistance may be eligible for support from this Lodge under the following guidelines:

  • Emphasis is placed on applications from the local hospital on the treatment of the hearing impaired or worthy proposals affecting the well being and health of local citizens.
  • Persons with special medical requirements outside the provisions of the present health care system.
  • Persons involved with fire loss or some extraordinary loss not covered by their own insurance.
  • The Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children.
  • Senior citizens, disabled and groups with special needs that may need assistance outside the availability of municipal, territorial or federal funding.
  • Youth groups organized to promote leadership and good citizens, such as the air cadets, and including those youth groups associated with sports, cultural and recreational activities.
  • Groups aligned with alcohol and drug abuse awareness and other social related not funded by the municipal, territorial or federal government.
  • The scheduled activities of Lodge members requiring the financial support of the Lodge.

NOTE: Sponsorship of sport, cultural and recreational activities for adult groups or persons is excluded from this program.

Where a team of Lodge members in involved, the combined total of each lodge members participation may be used to meet the eligibility requirements for financial assistance. For the good of the order the Lodge may approve funding for any sponsored and budgeted activity.


Please submit a letter detailing your request to the attention of the Financial Assistance Committee at or Box 753, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2N6.

Decision Process

Upon receipt of a request, the Financial Assistance Committee (FAC) will review the request and eligibility of of the applicant, as well as other determining factors such as funding availability.  At the next scheduled bi-monthly Lodge meeting, the FAC will make a recommendation for each application. The membership will then vote and discuss each recommendation.

Complaints & Appeals

Any complaints regarding the decisions of the Lodge should be forwarded, in writing, to the attention of the Lodge Secretary no later than two weeks following notification to the applicant. The complaint will be reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee and a recommendation made at the next Lodge meeting to resolve it. The Secretary will notify the applicant of the Lodge decision.

Losses and Special Circumstances

Groups that may be eligible for financial assistance that raise funds through the Lodge via Bingo's, Nevadas and special events that incur losses may apply for special consideration.

After the number of events allocated to the group has been completed, they may apply to the Lodge for financial assistance. A detailed schedule with a complete and accurate accounting of each event for the events allocated that the recipient and a summary must accompany their application for financial assistance.