Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of Canada Proud to be in Yellowknife since 1948

Elks Lotteries & Raffles

Lotto 314

Lotto 314 is played every Friday at 7:00pm, and Saturday following the Meat Raffle.

Coming soon:  Game Setup and How to Play.

Crazy Aces

Crazy Aces is played every Friday and Saturday following Lotto 314.

GAME SETUP: At the start of each game, a drum is filled with 52 eggs and a jackpot is started at $500.00.  Each egg contains a unique card from a full deck of cards.  As each egg is drawn, once per event, the card is recorded and removed from the drum.  If the jackpot remains unclaimed, it is increased by 1/2 of the draw's profit.  The games restarts when the Ace of Spades is drawn and the jackpot is claimed (see below). 

HOW TO PLAY:  Tickets are $5.00 each.  One draw selects a winning ticket, entitling the winning ticket holder to choose an egg from the drum.  Winning cards and prizes are as follows:

Ace of Spades JACKPOT
Any other Ace $100.00
Any King $100.00
Any Jack or Queen $50.00
Any other card $25.00

Meat Raffle

The Meat Raffle is played every Saturday at 2:30pm.

HOW TO PLAY:  In each of three rounds, $5.00 buys 30 tickets. All stubs are entered into the pot, and tickets are chosen at random.  There are five prizes in each round, with choice cuts of meat from Northern Fancy Meats (a total value of $600.00).